How can I have a relationship with Jesus? How can I become a follower of Jesus? 

We are glad that you are interested in knowing Jesus  personally and following Him joyfully. Knowing Jesus is one of the simplest thing a person can do. There are 3 simple steps to take.

  • First, realize and accept that you are and will never be good enough. 
    No matter how good a life we try to live, we still fall miserably short of being a good person. That is because we are all sinners. The Bible says, “No one is good—not even one.” We cannot become who we are supposed to be without Jesus Chris.
  • Second, recognize that Jesus Christ died on the cross for you because of your sin & repent.
    The Bible tells us that “God showed His great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while were still sinners.” This is the Good News, that God loves us so much that He sent His only Son to die in our place when we least deserved it.
  • Finally, put your trust in Christ as your Lord and Savior, accepting his sacrifice on the cross as the full and final payment for your sin.
    You must depend on Jesus alone for your forgiveness, and God will give you his acceptance and eternal life as gift. If you are ready to do that, then why not pray right now and tell God that you are trusting His Son, Jesus.
Dear God, I know I’m a sinner. I know my sin deserves to be punished. I believe Christ died for me and rose from the grave. I trust Jesus Christ alone as my Savior. Thank You for the forgiveness and everlasting life I now have. In Jesus’ name.
If you just said this prayer, congratulations on your decision to follow Jesus. We would love to hear from you. Please contact us using the contact us form and we will send you free resources to help you grow in your relationship with Jesus.

Let us know your decision today.